Reflections of Brownie

Rayford GriffinThere’s a lot to said for coming to the completion of a project, “Reflections of Brownie” especially when it’s a labor of love. I started this project sometime ago and it’s very, very personal to me….as a result, a funny thing happened in the studio one day.

I was in my studio tracking the inimitable Roy Hargrove on the song “Cherokee”. Roy was doing his thing on a take as only he can do when all of a sudden he hit a note and held it with a slight vibrato. I don’t know what he was thinking about when he played that note, but no sooner than he hit it I began to cry…. Yeah, tears streaming down my face. It was as if my Uncle Cliff was riding that note. Like he showed up and put his hand on my shoulder to say “good job nephew”.

The Musicians

These recordings were made with the help of some very talented individuals the likes of:
Roy Hargrove, George Duke, Brian Bromberg, Rick Braun, Micheal “Patches” Stewart, Nicolas Payton, Phillipe Saisse, Everette Harp, Doug Webb, Dan Lutz, Ian Martin, Barone Brown, Hanz Zermuehlen, Kieth Jones, Micheal Hunter, Bobby English, Clifford Brown Jr. and Clifford Brown lll.

I believe music is emotion expressed and that we should be deeply affected, and liberated by it. So with that being said I’m happy to present for your perusal my “Reflections of Brownie”. I hope you gain as much enjoyment in listening to it as we all did in creating it.

Peace & Blessings,
Rayford G.

Nov 13 2013

Powerful music

I’m so excited about the “Reflections of Brownie” shows that I’ve been doing lately.
The music is very powerful in a live setting and the audience response has been great. My upcoming shows are posted on the Calendar here, so come on out and catch a show if there is one in your area.

Above is a video from one of the Baked Potato shows.

In the meantime there will be a single from “Reflections” available for download in a few weeks. The project includes guest musicians Everett Harp, Brian Bromberg, Roy Hargrove, Micheal “Patches” Stewart, Rick Braun & George Duke to name a few. So be on the lookout for it and check back here.

I am so loving this music……..and I think you will too.
Peace & Blessings

video credit: pjoliva
Sep 1 2012

On A Personal Note

To My Friends From Around The Globe

I’ve  gotten so many emails from some of you saying how you saw  me playing with Jean Luc Ponty back in the day. I thank you for your kind words, and I want to let you know that I have been playing shows with Jean Luc Ponty. All the shows has been in South America. Brazil, Chile, & Argentina. In the band we had old friends, Baron Browne on bass, Jamie Glaser on guitar, with William Comte on keys, Jean Luc, and me. There are no plans for U.S. dates but you never know, right?

I’m steady working on my tribute to my uncle Clifford Brown. I’ve recorded several tracks for the project with a little help from some friends including, George Duke, Brian Bromberg, Everette Harp, Rick Braun, and Philippe Saise. Thanks for stopping by and let’s stay in touch.

Peace & Blessings,
Rayford G

Rayford Griffin to tour with Jean-Luc Ponty in November 2011

Jean-Luc Ponty & his band will tour in South America in november 2011 with a project called THE ATLANTIC YEARS featuring William Lecomte (keyboards) and members of JLP’s American band from the 80s,  Rayford Griffin (drums)Jamie Glaser (guitar) and Baron Browne (bass). Please visit the JLP ‘Concerts Dates’ page for more details.

A box set with 4 CDs entitled “ELECTRIC FUSION – THE ATLANTIC YEARS” has been released by Warner/Rhino in France in July. It contains a large selection of tracks from all JLP’s albums released by Atlantic Records between 1975 and 1997, and a booklet with photos and JLP’s comments on the entire period.

Rayford Griffin & Everette Harp performing Free Fall

Allow us to introduce you to one of the baddest drummers on the planet: Mr. Rayford Griffin and Mr. Everette Harp. Recorded at Jazz on the Pond.

Apr 21 2010

Rayford top nominee!

Rayford nominated for best percussionist category

The nominees have been announced for the inaugural American Smooth Jazz Awards to be held October 29 at the Blue Chip Casino Hotel & Spa in Michigan City, Indiana. Among the 18 categories are both male and female vocalists, instrumentalists, song, album and entertainer of the year.

Excitement is mounting with news that Rayford has been nominated in the best percussionist category. Other nominees are: Harvey Mason, Alex Acuna, Lenny Castro and Russ Kunkel

Nominating ballots were sent to the top 30 smooth jazz radio stations in the U.S., along with significant producers of smooth jazz Internet and satellite music and top smooth jazz journalists nationwide. The top nominees in each of the categories will be placed online for public voting at

Jan 22 2010