Rayford Griffin featuring Roy Hargrove

Cherokee – Single

Released: May 13, 2013

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“‘Had Uncle Clifford lived, how might he revisit his music?’ That thought process led me to the concept of modern versions of his tunes – a blending of the old and the new that retains all of the integrity of the compositions and the spirit therein.”

Rayford Griffin, percussionist, composer and producer has roots that extend back to the most revolutionary era of jazz – be bop – thanks to his uncle: the great trumpeter/composer Clifford Brown. Indeed, it was being made pridefully aware of his uncle’s music very early in life by his aunt Larue Brown Watson (Clifford’s widow) and studying it that deeply influenced Rayford to become the far reaching musician that he is today.
Cherokee (Reflections of Brownie)
Rayford Griffin featuring Roy Hargrove
Neo Classic Jazz